Mindset Change

Creative Business? A mindset change to make in 2018 in order to be a successful creative.

I am passionate about writing, and I’m passionate about music. I’m passionate about writing about music, and introducing people to the history and stories of the music of Tudor England. Telling stories about history is my art. These are the things I care about. These are the things that come easy for me to care about. This is what I want to steep myself in. But in order to do that, I’ve had to undergo a massive mindset change in the past two years of focusing on it full time.

The things I don’t want to steep myself in? The conversion rate of my online store. My Facebook ad’s cost per click. Whether or not a supplier in China shipped a piece of jewelry.

But these are the things I have to care about, because these are the things that allow me to connect deeply with my audience, to build a larger audience, to understand my readers and listeners, and to build a larger tribe.

I often find creative entrepreneurs like me shut down at the “entrepreneur” part.

We want to write! We want to get up in the morning, have our coffee, put on the Goldberg Variations, and write. Then we want to read. Then write some more.

I get that. Of course I want to write all the time. Or read. Or tell stories. But you know what I want more? I want people to read my writing. I want people to buy my work. Because that’s what makes it possible for me to devote myself fully to my art.

Look, there are plenty of stories of artists, or writers like JK Rowling that we all want to latch on to. It happened for her! It can happen for me too!

It can. But I hate to tell you, it probably won’t. And if you sit around waiting for it, when you can be out hustling, connecting with your audience, serving them, it’s even more likely that it won’t.

The universe rewards actions, not plans.

Give the universe something to reward. Take actions that will further your dream. That doesn’t mean simply sitting in your local coffee house and writing for six hours a day while your kids go hungry, because someday your Big Break will come. That means embracing the hustle dance, and finding ways for the universe to funnel money to you, while you are also expressing yourself creatively, and growing your art.

So here’s what I suggest. I suggest that in 2018 you put on your Entrepreneur hat. You embrace it. You embrace the fact that you are now running a business. Your product is you. Your job is to figure out all the ways that you can package and sell You. Ways that you find creatively fulfilling which will also be financially rewarding.

I am a big fan of two things that have worked wonders for me.

  1. Building an engaged audience, and serving them like crazy, and
  2. Opening up a store where you make it easy for people to give you money in exchange for products.

These two things working together, allow the magic to happen. I’m going to be talking about them a lot more in the coming months. Figuring this formula out is driving massive podcast listenership increases as well as reliable five figure income months. I want to teach it to every creative entrepreneur out there, because it is rocking my world.

But before you can receive the money, you have to be ready to make the changes in your mindset. You have to be ready to see yourself as a business. It doesn’t take away from your uniqueness. It doesn’t take away from your art. What it does is make it possible for more people to discover you, and to receive your message. To be moved by your art.

If you’re unwilling to open yourself up to the idea of being an entrepreneur, then please, by all means, go back to sitting at the coffee shop, waiting for life to discover you. If you’re ready to jump in, learn about how to be a creative business person, stick around because I’ve got all kinds of goodness coming.