Creating kindle enhanced ebooks

Passive Income Idea Series #1: Kindle Enhanced eBooks

If you’re a content-creating entrepreneur like me, chances are you’ve got some videos taking up space on your hard drive. Maybe they’re from a free eCourse you did a year ago. Maybe they’re a YouTube series you put together. Maybe they were Facebook Lives from that launch last summer.

Whatever these videos are, I bet there’s some nuggets of wisdom in them that would be good in an eBook. And I imagine that it would be good wisdom for someone to find when they were searching for, oh, I don’t know, maybe a book about your subject?

One thing to consider doing with those videos is to turn them into a Kindle Enhanced eBook.

A what now? Well, the newer versions of the Kindle Fire are equipped with the ability to watch videos in the eBooks. Enhanced eBooks will also work on the Kindle reading apps on tablets and phones. So you can self publish an eBook to Amazon, with videos, and people will be able to purchase it, and watch the videos the same way they’d be reading an eBook.

I did this recently with a free minicourse I had done on Tudor Women. I did the course last spring as part of women’s history month, and then I had five videos hanging out on my laptop. I figured out how to turn them into an eBook, and now they’re available on Amazon, along with the transcripts, selling for $10.

The whole process took about three hours, and I’ve sold about 20 of them so far. Even if I didn’t sell anymore, that’s still a pretty good return on my three hour investment.

I’m going to tell you how to create a Kindle Enhanced eBook here, but one caveat – I assume that you already know how to record and edit your videos. So, assuming you have the videos already, how do you turn them into an eBook?

I’m also assuming that you have some sort of text to accompany the videos – transcripts, for example. If you don’t, you can either get transcripts created – is an inexpensive place to have transcription done. You can also grab a blog post that you have on the subject, paste it into a word doc, and use that as your working document.

Now you’re ready to create your eBook. Woot!

First, sign up for a Kindle Direct account on Amazon at You can sign in with your regular Amazon account. If you’re new to Kindle Direct, you’ll need to fill in payment information, as well as confirm your identity and enter your tax info.

To create your eBook, you’ll need to download the Kindle Textbook Creator. This is the piece of software that will allow you to embed your videos into your eBook.

When you open Kindle Textbook Creator on your computer, you have the option to either open an existing ebook or create a new one from a file. Choose to create a new one, and then open that document you’re working with – the transcript, or blog post.

The document will appear on the screen. In the top there’s a blue plus sign that says insert. Choose that, then choose Movie from File, and then navigate to where your movie is living on your computer.

Kindle Enhanced eBook creation

A small box with a camera will appear, and will move around as you move your mouse around the screen. When you click, it will place the camera on that spot. This is where the video will be in the eBook. So move the camera around until you find a good spot for the video, and place it there.

Kindle enhanced ebook placing the camera

On the right side there are boxes to edit the name and description of the videos. That’s it!

One note – you might want to add in a conclusion page with all your information about who you are – people will likely find your book who may not already know who you are, and you will want to add in all your details so they can follow you and connect online.

After you’ve added all the text and video, repeating the same process each time, and you’re ready to publish, just navigate to file, and then choose “Package for Publishing.” It will put the whole file together in the format that the Kindle can read. Then you will have that file on your hard drive.

You’ll also need to create a cover for your eBook. I used for this project because they have a Kindle template that will work perfectly.

Next, you’re going to go back to your KDP account and upload your title to Amazon. You’ll click to create a new title, and then it will walk you through the self publishing process – adding in the name of the book, your name as author, ISBN (you can choose to have Amazon assign one), and all of the other metadata.

When you get to the spot to upload your manuscript, you’ll choose that file that the Textbook Creator generated for you. With all of the videos it will likely take a while to upload – grab a cup of coffee, and be patient.

And that’s it! Once it’s uploaded and you click publish, it should be available to purchase within 24 hours. Let your audience know the videos are there in that eBook in case they missed them the first time around. And more people will find you as they search in Amazon for your topic.

And voila! You now have an additional revenue stream from content that already existed and was just collecting digital dust on your hard drive. Hooray!

— So, did you create a Kindle enhanced eBook? If so, how did it go? Was it easy? Did your audience like it? Leave a comment, and let me know! —