I’ve spent the past twenty years being prolific with putting content on the internet. I’ve spent the past three years full time trying to figure out how to make money from that content. I’ve been blessed with the time to experiment, try things, fail, get up and try again. We don’t all have that time. I want to share with you everything I’ve learned so that you don’t have to spend the next several years throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

I know that these methods will work for you if you do the work, and I’m committed to helping 100 creative entrepreneurs make $10,000 in 2018. I’d love if it you were one of them. Of course, I’d love it if you did my online course, which is set to launch in the spring. But even if you aren’t in the course, I obviously still want you to make money fromĀ  your art, and your message! Here are some places to get free info from me on creating your online store, hosting online summits, and generally creating amazing Abundance Whoosh’s inĀ  your life.


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