Pick Heather’s Brain: Single Sessions

Help! I don't know where to start!

Do you create content based on your creative passion - writing, artwork, music - and wish you could figure out how to actually make money at it? Well to start with, awesome that you're doing it. Every time you take time to create, you are literally on your path. You are doing what you're meant to be doing, and that's awesome. Go you. 

So now let's say you want to either reach more people, or figure out how to make money from the existing audience you have. 

You know there are a gazillion options, but what should you do first?
Can you actually make money from your art and creativity?
You know there are ways to sell products with good margins, but how?
You see other people setting up businesses around their passion, but how are they doing it?
Maybe you should focus on your list building first? 

AARRGGGHHHHH!!!!! Right? It's at this point in the conversation where I would start to bang my head against the wall.

I had So. Many. Ideas. Floating all around, vying for attention. Look, shiny new tool! Squirrel! Every day my brain was exploding with things that I thought were going to make me money, and yet at the same time, I wasn't actually getting anywhere. I was spinning my wheels, and getting nowhere. I finally got clarity, and looking back on my journey, I can see the exact places where I was focused, and it had the biggest impact on my business.

When you book in for a 60 minute session, we'll spend it:
- Looking at your existing audience and reach
- Finding out whether selling products is right for you
- Deciding what kinds of products will work best for your audience
- Figuring out the exact tech and accounts you need to set up
- Talking about podcasting, blogging, and publishing as audience builders
- Planning a virtual summit if that's appropriate for your goals

All of which will leave you with ...

A concrete plan of action that will move you forward
Knowing where to focus your time for the most bang for your energy
The confidence in knowing the tech you'll need to get started

.... Basically, a road map and compass to guide you to the next spot on your journey.

Price: $149

How it works...

When you book in for a fee of $149, I'll send you a link to my calendar, to schedule your time. I'll also ask to see all your work - your website, social media, list size, and store/products if you are already selling them.
I'll also ask you some questions so that I know what your goals are with our talk.
After the call, you'll have email access for a week to ask any follow up questions you have.