The Abundance Whoosh

Coming February 5: Are you ready to create your own Abundance Whoosh in 2018?

For this first round of the course, I am limiting enrollment to six lucky people. You will get the full course, as well as much more personalized attention, which is why I'm limiting the number of students I can take on. Keep reading for more details...

In The Abundance Whoosh online course I will be walking you through step by step how to create your OWN Abundance Whoosh, combining product sales, ads, and audience building. We will do this through weekly video trainings with worksheets and workbooks to guide your progress. There will also be a supportive Facebook group for asking questions of me, and the other students, and bi-weekly group calls for sharing with the other participants. 

Every week there is both a nitty gritty practical information lesson, as well as some mindset work. I find that this is as important as the practical information. Have you ever noticed that two people can take exactly the same actions, and one person will do amazingly well while the other one will fail miserably? That's the mindset at work right there. So in addition to giving you practical skills, and step by step instructions, we will look at the mindset shifts that will have a huge impact on the success of your shop.

For this first round launch of the program, I am also adding in personal weekly one on one coaching calls with me where we can get really personal about your own goals and needs. I'm doing this since you will be an early adopter of the course - to reward you for being one of the first to sign up on this journey.

So that means that you will get an additional six calls with me, included in the price of the course. When you look at what a single session would be, you can see that this is a huge bargain!

Promises of the Abundance Whoosh course:

By the end of the course you will have a storefront set up on Shopify, and you will have begun promoting it, and will see your first sale. 

You will have more likes, follows, and engagements on social media.

Your mailing list will grow.

Provided you do the list building strategies included in the bonus materials of the course,  you will make at least the cost of the course back within six months of the course ending. If you don't, you are entitled to a full refund. Please note that if you ask for a refund, we will want to see proof that you did the work.

              Course Syllabus

Module One:
We jump right in the first week with setting up your shop. You'll choose the name, basic design, integrate payments, and lay the groundwork for your shop. You'll also start planning what kinds of products you'd like to sell, and look at some best practices as you begin your eCommerce journey. On the mindset side, we'll talk about why you want to set up your shop in the first place, and create a context for your work. 

Module Two:
We start to create our products. We talk about the best places to source products, the various print on demand options, and how to choose what kinds of products your audience will buy. We also look at the digital delivery options available on Shopify for digital products like photos or music that we'd like to sell. Finally, we start to prime our existing audience for the fact that the shop is coming, and start to get feedback from them on what they'd like to see. Mindset work is all about the customer - getting into their world - so you're creating the products that they will want to buy.

Module Three:
We talk about design options. Whether to outsource, or do it yourself. Where to get images and layout ideas. Creative ideas for products you may not have thought of until now. This week is all about designing awesome products, and getting them into our shop, as well as creating ways for your customer to become more closely invested in your work.

Mindset work will focus on our existing stories around eCommerce - what we think of it now, where we think it will be tough, and clearing out all the mental clutter so that all we have in our space is an expanse of freedom, ready to be filled up with abundance and success!

Module Four:
Ads! This week we talk about advertising. We look at the automatic ad creator provided through Shopify, Kit, and talk about Facebook ads in general. We'll share places to read and dive deeper into the Facebook ad world, and then talk about Google ads. We also talk about email marketing to our audience, and look at the list building strategies available on Shopify.  We create our first Facebook ads, and by this point we may have even had our first sales.

On the mindset side, we'll look at some easy traps to fall into at this point, and how to avoid them. It's all about building on the existing energy. 

Module Five:
Amazon! Etsy! Other Channels! This week we talk about getting our products onto Amazon, Etsy, and the other channels available with the various print on demand companies. We look at why that will be important, and the differences between each platform, as well as unexpected snags you might hit along the way. 

Mindset wise, we'll be looking at our stories around managing our stores and our revenue streams, and getting clarity on what is actually involved in all of this, and how we can prime ourselves for success.

Module Six:
Wrapping it all together, and looking towards the future. We pull everything together in our beautiful newly-launched store. We talk about other creative ways to make money from products in the future, and how to wrap everything together to keep building on the success we're already starting to experience.

We'll also talk about keeping our energy high, and allowing our store to be a tool to help us grow our art, and be of service to our audience. It's not going to take over our lives. It's just one tool.

Bonus Materials:

How to produce a Virtual Summit
An online program designed to walk you through step by step in creating an Online Summit, which I think provides the best bang for the buck in terms of list building. 

Remember, the Promises of the Abundance Whoosh course are that:

You will have your first sale in a Shopify store that is launched, and filled with products you love and are proud to sell.
Your mailing list will grow.
Your likes, follows, and engagements will increase.
And if you don't make the money that you've invested in the course back from your shop within six months of the course ending, you are entitled to a full refund (provided you show proof that you did the work, both in setting up the shop, and the mailing list growth strategies).

Want in? (heck yeah!)
Remember that for this first round, you will be receiving additional weekly calls with me to create a custom program that works for you. Also remember that this is limited to six people. Enrollment will open again in late March.